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NKP 1969-70
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Verdana Sven H. Lundquist
NKP May 1969 to May 1970

I was at NKP from May '69 to Mother's day 1970 (101 degrees when we left Bangkok and 43 degrees when we landed at Travis in 1505's-froze). I worked in storage for the 456 MMS. Moved a lot of bombs, flares, napalm and you name it, working with Joe Parker, Harry Bates, Ernie Purcell "Percy", Roberts, Gene Scott, Blankenship, etc. Knew Joe David yock, Fred Buffington, Schultz, John Kelly, Jim York, Jim Young.
Worked with Thai nationals Utid, Kong, Non  "Jack", Sommai, Onsorn, Jome, Prapool, Boonmai another Kong and a few others. Wonder what they're doing today. Watched the Thai's play checkers at the head shed, drank Coke from the Thai RC coke stand, saw a lot of A-1's and Jolly Greens head out on a mission. I have over a thousand pictures and slides of NKP and town. Bob Hope show too. I won a raffle ticket in our squadron to sit up front at the Christmas show. Got some good slides of a great show. Worked with some really nice guys and we moved a lot of munitions. Look me up on Facebook. I need to scan all these photo memories to share with others. I carried a camera with me to the bomb dump almost every day, that's why I have so many. Took a lot of B&W photos and went to the dark room and made prints myself. Wish I had the negatives as my photo work is far from the best. Haven't been back to Thailand. Went to Hahn AB Germany my last 15 months in the AF. It was just busy work over there. Should have stayed at NKP another year but you couldn't have convinced me of that back then. Went downtown often to visit Paul and Carol Kelley and family at the Christian Servicemen's Center and all the guys that hung out there. They made a great dinner every Saturday night that gave us a little feeling of being back home. Great times and great friends.

Photo property of Sven Lundquist (May 10, 1970)
Sven Lundquist by NKP sign. My last picture on base-going back to ''The World''

Photo property of Sven Lundquist (Nov 17, 1969)
Favorite hang out by Thai RC Cola girl.

Photo property of Sven Lundquist (May 27, 1969)
Python around my neck at TIMLAND in Bangkok, Thailand

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