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Information provided by Angel M. Garcia
Warin Radio Site 1966-67
The billboard antennas id'ed as "Warin Long Lines" were troposcatter antennas, 120 feet tall. I was there when they built these in 1967; two 120 footers replaced two 60 footers.

The LRC 3s we had at the Warin end, looking towards Phu Mu.

The "RCA dishes" (these were big 60 foot CIRCULAR antennas) were supported by civilian contractors. I remember "Page" was a company involved, and possibly Philco Ford.

By the way, a few things for clarity (and before old age creeps in):
1. In 1966-67 Warin was a STRATCOM base and part of the 29th Signal Group
2. I didn't save much from those days but as a going away gift everyone got a medallion on a key chain (made in "Siam" out of cloisonné) and a cigarette lighter that said "Warin Radio Site-Best In The Bunch"; the Best In the Bunch was our logo; the logo is that of a bunch of bananas.
3. I DID save! this: the orders that came over the teletype establishing the two voice circuits to support  President Johnson's visit to Thailand in 1966. The circuits started in Manila, PI and then went to Nha Trang. One circuit then went Nha Trang-Warin, Bangkok, King's Palace; the other went Nha Trang, Warin, Korat, Bangkok, King's Palace.
4. I believe Warin was actually the biggest communications link with
Vietnam; we had very large systems pointing to Nha Trang and Danang, with thru circuits to other places. Lots, and lots of antennas!
5. There was NO "radar"; it was all communications systems.

Article By: Mark Putnam (Air Force)
Warin Radio Station 1973-74
Picture that you identify as a barracks immediately to the right as you enter the main gate...
When I was there between 73/74, this building housed Thai Guards... there was no airconditioning --- only ceiling fans...
Another Barrack Building paralell to this one but just beyond it  housed American Military Personnel (including me).  There were only a few of us on the site at that time... One or two Army guys & the rest were all USAF.  At the far right of both barracks was the latrine & showers... there were many a time I came out of my room in the barracks to find a snake (cobra) blocking the doorway or cooling itself on the concrete... The latrines and showers were shared between the thai guards and US military personnel.
Beyond the barracks and I can't tell you where specifically, there was a small building converted into a movie theatre... we had free films there that were rotated in once a week or so...
Across the road from the snack shop - Don't remember how far down the road it was, there was a pool & party shelter... One of the pics I sent you has one of our guys in it... I remember going to a big party there one time & having Mekong forced down me by one of the inebriated Thai Guards...
The Foreman's building as you call it was home to our Sr. Camp Military person... (Enlisted he was, E-9 I believe -- chief master seargent ... had it made in the shade he did ...  I was actually in that building once upon a time ... dind't think I was going to make it out alive .... Sometime maybe I'll share that story with you :)
Don't think many of the Barracks shown in Angel's pictures were there when I arrived six years later .... Think at least one of them was the theatre....
I think I may have some pictures of a party that was thrown at the Warin site ... If I can find them, I'll scan & send along ...
One story that I recall, I was leaving the site once to head into Ubon .. (we took the Baht Bus of course) - well, on the way out, a Thai guard flashed something in my face.   To my horror, I noticed it was a cobra... I didn't stick around long enough to figure out if it was alive or dead ... I do recall the Guards had a great laugh over that ...
Farang running scared :) ---
I do remember this place (Warin camp) was full of snakes ... Krates, Cobra's and other such things as crawled through the grass.  When I arrived, the guys put me to work mowing the grass around our building.... little did I know that this was a joke ...  THey asked me If i noticed anything while out there .... I said nope sure didn't ... they seemed a little disappointed... Only later did I learn they were hoping I'd run over or into a snake ...