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Utapao RTNB

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635th Security Police Squadron
(Weapons Systems Security) Guardmount

Barracks numbers:

"K" Sector
K-2:     North of K-9 Kennels
K-7:     North of MMS Area
K-10:   East of MMS
K-13:   South of Tower 9
K-16:   East of EOD
K-20:   PPP 15
K-21:   Shift Supervisor
K-24:   Supply 13
K-25:   West of Barracks on 11th St.
K-30:   South West of POL
K-31:   West of BOQ
K-37:   PPP 22
K-38:   Pipeline North from 18th St.
K-39:   Pipeline South of 9th St.
K-42:   Pipeline North from 19th St.

"K" Sector
K-50: West of the Thai Guard Hootch area
K-51: West of Thai Officers Club
K-54: East of 15th St. to 14th St.
K:56: E Ave. to North-West corner POL
K-57: East of L Ave. to N-East corner POL
K-58: N-East Corner & East side of POL
K-59: S-East corner POL & East side POL
K-60: Trailer Area
K-61: D Ave. 7th to 9th St.
K-65: South Gate to Beach Rd.

"C" Area (Munitions MMS)
C-1: SAT Supervisor
C-2: SAT Member
C-3: ECP
C-4: ECP North-East
C-5: Preload
C-6: "A" Row South
C-7: "A" Row North
C-8: "B" Row South
C-9: "B" Row North

Photo by Gene Ponce on Reserve Duty, 940th ARW
KC-135R Air Refueling Tanker. April 1994

This photo was taken directly in front of Base Ops
Above facing South-East: Photo of our KC-135E Tanker aircraft parked on the ramp 1994

"D" Sector
D-1: ECP Tank Farm
D-3: ECP Supply #13
D-4: ECP Comm Building
D-5: West Gate
D-6: Main Gate
D-7: Finance
D-8: Stand By
D-9: Cantonment PAT

"A" Sector (B-52 Revetments)
A-1: Supervisor
A-2:  ECP
A-3:  SAT Leader
A-4:  SAT Member
A-5:  Foot Patrol
A-6:  CBS North-West
A-7:  CBS West
A-8:  CBS South-West
A-9:  CBS South-East
A-10: CBS East
A-11: CBS North-East

"B" Area (B-52 & KC-135)
B-1:  Area Supervisor
B-2:  ECP
B-3:  SAT Leader
B-4:  SAT Member
B-5:  Foot Patrol
B-6:  CBS Vorth-West
B-7:  CBS West
B-8:  CBS South-West
B-9:  CBS South
B-10: CBS South-East
B-11: CBS East
B-12: CBS North
B-13: South-East Bladder

Photo by Gene Ponce on Reserve Duty, 940th ARW
Above: Photo of the famous hill (with the lone tree) located at the very top.

The aircraft in the background is a KC-10 Extender
Another view of "Buddha Mountain" known to many Vets stationed at Utapao during the Vietnam War

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