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53-3129 First Lady
The first production C-130A to come off the line.

54-1623 Ghost Rider

54-1625 War Lord
Shot down over the Trail on 21 April 1970.

54-1626 Vulcan Express, Super Spooky, Azrael
Still has the Black Crow and the other "humps and bumps," otherwise it was difficult to tell it was an AC-130.

54-1627 Gomer Grinder

54-1628 The Exterminator

54-1629 Name unknown.
Battle damaged over Laos, crashed and burned at Ubon RTAFB, 24 May 1969.

54-1630 Azreal - Angel of Death

55-0011 Surprise Package or Night Stalker

55-0014 Jaws of Death

55-0029 Midnight Express
Crashed at Ubon on 29 May 1969.

55-0040 Orion the Hunter

55-0043 Name ?
Shot down by SA-7 SAM over the Ashau Valley, South Viet Nam on 18 June 1972. Approximately 22 miles from the Laotian border and surrounded by 2 mountain ranges and a communist stron-hold territory.

55-0044 Prometheus
# 3 & 4 props and Engine gearcases shot off Dec.1971. I was there when this incident occured. Apparently an anti-aircraft round struck # 3 Engine Propeller & gearcase, shearing off (Rotational Clockwise Turn) cut #4 Propeller & gearcase. After speaking with ground maintenance personnel, it was learned that # 2 Engine's oil pressure dropped to "0" and eventually seizing the engine at touchdown. # 1 engine appeared to have been extrememly overstressed from its engine mounts. Sadly, after so many tweaks and adjustments, Prometheus was shot down by SA-2 SAM over Tchepone Laos on 28 March 1972.

55-0046 Proud Warrior

56-0469 Grim Reaper

56-0471 Blind Bat

56-0490 Thor
Shot down near Pakse, Laos on 21 December 1972.

56-0509 Raids Kill um Dead or Ultimate End
On display at Air Commando Airpark, Hurlburt AFB, Fla. Sporting the traditional Ubon combat configuration of black paint, red markings, tail FT code, Aeroproduct 3-blade props.

69-6567 Ghostrider

Lost to a SAM near the border town of Khafji 50 miles south of Kuwait City 31 January 1991. Callsign Spirit 03.

69-6568 Nightstalker

69-6569 Excalibur, Fatal Attraction

69-6570 Renamed The Hussy after a stint where it was renamed Bad Company

69-6571 Name ?
Shot down near An Loc, South Viet Nam on 30 March 1972

69-6572 Grave Digger

69-6573 Heavy Metal

69-6574 Iron Maiden

69-6575 Wicked Wanda

69-6576 Preditor, Bad Company, Widow Maker
Lost on 15 March 1994 over the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya, near the town of Malindi, loss of eight crewmembers. Aircraft and crew were supporting the ongoing operations in and around Mogadishu, Somalia.

69-6577 Death Angel

87-0128 Big Daddy

89-0509 Total Carnage

89-0510 Gunslinger

89-0511 Predator

89-0512 Dead On

89-0513 Killer Instincts

90-0163 Bad Omen

90-0164 Bad Intentions

90-0165 Thumper

90-0166 Hell Raiser

90-0167 Azrael

92-0253 Eight Ball