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Air Force & Army Bases-Camps (Thailand) 1970-72 & 1999-2002
Article's on Spectre 55-0044


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Camp Mukdahan - 2001
Warin Radio Site
Warin Train Station
Warin Radio Site Historical Data
Nakhon Phanom - 2001
Ubon Spectre Gunships 1971-72
Article's on Spectre 55-0044
Spectre Viet Nam War Gunships Today
AC-130 Gunship Serial Numbers
Utapao Air Base 1999
Names of Thai Night Clubs, Hotels, Cafes, Tailor Shops, Jewelry Shops etc.
Names of Musical Bands (On Base and Town)
USAF Career
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These photos and articles are property of Robert Wollman, Ubon 71-72, Jim Foanio, Ubon 70-72 and Tom Combs, Ubon 71-72.
Thanks for the contributions guys!

The National Geographic Magazine articles below were submitted by Jim Foanio, Ubon 70-72, 621st TCS Det 3 Lion Squadron. Thanks for the great contribution Jim!