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All Military Branches & Civilian Veterans Locator (Thailand)


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Utapao Naval Air Force Base

July 28, 2002


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William Miller's Utapao Website 1969-70

K-9 Dog Handler's Website

Air Force Seal

Geographical Location:
Utapao Royal Thai Naval Air Force Base is located near the city of Sattahip. It is located on the Gulf of Siam and is approximately 90 miles South of Bangkok. Operational Dates for Utapao were *18 April 1966 to 20 June 1976*
* Memories of Utapao *
The 4258th MMS Barracks (1st Floor) located next to the Airman's Club
Hank's Band
Old "Pete" the Python snake *1972-73*
Tema 12 (B-52) "Dirty Dozen" or "Gardella's Gorilla's" *1969*
Col White's Zero Defects Clock than ran backwards *1969-70*

Aircraft Assigned at various times during the Viet Nam war:

B-52 (BUFF - Big Ugly Fat Fella), KC-135A (Tanker), P-3 (Orion), U-2

** Units Currently Represented **

U.S. Navy Fleet Air Support Unit FASU, Western PAC
Satellite Communications Station
U.S. Strategic Communications Command
U.S. Communications Command *Changed in 1973*
6th Aerial Port Squadron (APS)
6th Aerial Port Squadron, Detachment 3 (APS)
7th Bomb Wing (BW) TDY from Carswell AFB, Texas
11th United States Air Force Hospital (HOSP)
13th Air Force Liaison
17th Air Division
28th Bomb Wing (BW)
38th Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Squadron, Detachment 12 (ARR&RS)
99th SRS
100th Organizational Maintenance Squadron (OMS) *U-2*
307th Strategic Wing (SW)
307th Bomb Wing (BW)
307th Organizational Maintenance Squadron (OMS)
307th Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS)
307th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
307th Aerospace Ground Equipment Squadron (AGES)
307th Consolidated Maintenance Squadron (CAMS)
309th Strategic Wing (SW)
310th Strategic Wing (SW)
320th Strategic Wing (SW)
374th Tactical Airlift Wing (TAW) Tdy from CCK
435th Services Squadron (SVS)
554th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) Red Horse
555th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) Red Horse
556th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) Red Horse
556th Transportation ARMY
601st Photo Flight Squadron
631st Combat Support Group (CSG)
635th Combat Support Group (CSG)
635th Combat Support Group Judge Advocate (CSG/JA)
635th AEROSG/JA *?*
635th Services Squadron (SVS)
635th Transportation Squadron (TRANS)
635th Supply Squadron (SUPS)
635th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES)
635th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
635th Security Police Squadron (SPS)
697th (?)
1985th Communications Squadron (COMM)
2085th Communication Squadron (COMM)
3502nd Combat Support Group (CSG)
3993rd Organizational Maintenance Squadron (OMS)
4134th Strategic Wing (SW)
4252nd Avionics Maintenance Squadron (AMS)
4258th Strategic Wing (SW)
4258th Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS)
4258th Organizational Maintenance Squadron (OMS)
4258th Aerospace Ground Equipment Squadron (AGES)
4258th AEMS (?)
4258th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
4258th Supply Squadron (SUPS)
6922nd Security Service (SS)

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