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All Military Branches & Civilian Veterans Locator (Thailand)


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Udorn Air Base - APO 96237

July 28, 2002


James Geddes "Udorn Easy Flyer" Website

Rodney Bell's Udorn Website

Ervin Davis's Udorn Website

Air Force Seal

Geographical Location:
Udorn (Udon Thani) Royal Thai Air Force Base is located approximately 300 miles North-East of Bangkok.

Aircraft Assigned at various times during the Viet Nam war:

A-1E, AC-47D (Tail Code OS), B-26 (Portus), B-57B, C-46 (Air America),
C-47, C-123, C-130, CH-3, CH-53, EC-47, F-4D/E, F-102, F-104, HH-3C,
H-53, H-60, RB-66, RC-121, RF-4C, RF-101C, O-1, OV-1, P-2, T-28,
U-10, U-23

** Units Currently Represented **

Air America
AFOSI 1501
Deputy Chief, Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group (JUSMAG)
LORAN Station
Motel Alpha Control
Operation Waterpump
Project 404
USMACTHAI TLD (Training & Logistics Detachment)
1st Air Commando Wing (ACW)

1st SOP Air America 1969-70
4th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW)
4th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS)
4th Special Operations Squadron (SOS)
6th Aerial Port Squadron (APS)
7th Air Force Headquarters (AFHQ)
7th Air Force Headquarters, Detachment 1 (AFHQ)
7th Airborne Command & Control Squadron (AC&CS)
7th Airborne Battlefield Command & Control Center (ABCCC)
7th Radio Research Field Site (RRFS)
10th Weather Squadron (WS)
11th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS)
13th Air Force Headquarters (AFHQ)
13th Airborne Battlefield Command & Control Center (ABCCC)
13th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS)
14th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS) (RF-4C) TDY from Bergstrom AFB, TX *Oct 1967 Replaced the 20th TRS*
18th Special Operations Squadron (SOS)
20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS) (RF-101C) *1965-67* 
20th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) "Pony Express"
20th Helicopter Operations Squadron (HOS)
25th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) Changed from 555th TFS 74
31st Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) TDY from Homestead AFB, Florida
33rd Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) TDY from Eglin AFB, Florida
33rd Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
37th (CRS) (?)
37th Aerospace Recovery & Rescue Squadron, Detachment 2 (AR&RS)
38th Aerospace Recovery & Rescue Squadron, Detachment 5 (AR&RS)
39th Aerospace Recovery & Rescue Squadron, Detachment 1 (AR&RS)
40th Aerospace Recovery & Rescue Squadron
48th Fighter Intercept Squadron (FIS) TDY fro Langley AFB, VA for Linebacker II
50th Tactical Control Maintenance Squadron

51st Avionics Maintenance Squadron (AMS) 1971-72
54th WRS (?)
56th Special Operations Wing, Detachment 1 (SOW)
56th Air Commando Wing (ACW)
58th Tactical Fighter Sqaudron (TFS) TDY from Eglin AFB, Florida
307th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) Changed from 308th TFS
308th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) TDY from Homestead AFB, Florida
333rd Air Base Group (ABG/W?) 64 Later Changed to 6232nd CSG
355th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) (?)
366th Munition Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
405th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) TDY from Clark AFB, PI
405th Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS)
421st Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS)
432nd Combat Support Group (CSG)
432nd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS)
432nd Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW)
432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW)
432nd Organizational Squadron (OMS)
432nd Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS)
432nd Supply Squadron (SUP)
432nd Hospital Squadron (HOSP)
432nd Services Squadron (SVS)
432nd Avionics Maintenance Squadron (AMS)
432nd Amaments & Electrocnics Squadron (A&E)
432nd Civil Engineering Squadron (CES)
432nd Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
432nd Security Police Squadron (SPS)
432nd Operations Spooky
432nd Tactical Reconnaisance Group (TRG)
432nd Tactical Reconnaisance Squadron (TRS)
435th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS)
462nd Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
464th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
479th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW)

506th TCMS *?*
523rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) TDY from Clark AFB, PI
544th Tactical Recon Squadron (TRS) 66-67
554th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES)
555th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS)
601st Photo Flight Squadron
601st Photo Flight Squadron, Detachment 2
602nd Special Operations Squadron (SOS)
602nd Organizational Squadron (OMS)
619th Tactical Support Squadron, Detachment 4 (TCS) (BRIGHAM)

839th Air Division 1968-69
1043rd (RBS), Detachment 1 (?)
1131st Special Activity Squadron Det 19
1837th (EIS) (?)
1973rd Communications Squadron (COMM)
1974th Communications Squadron (COMM)
6232nd Civil Engineer Suqadron (CES)
6232nd Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS)
6233rd Air Base Group (ABG)
6233rd Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) 74-75
6922nd Security Wing (SW)
6922nd Security Service, Detachment 4 (SS)
6924th Security Service (SS)