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All Military Branches & Civilian Veterans Locator (Thailand)
Assistance Request for a PTSD Veteran - Please Read!


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Assistance Request for a PTSD Veteran - Please Read!
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Bangkok and Seri Court
Don Muang Airport (Bangkok) - APO 96303
Fort Narai
Hill 260 - Takhli
Hill 272 - Sattahip
Khao Khieo (Green Hill)
Ko Kha Air Station
Korat Air Base - APO 96288
Camp Lop Buri
NKP Air Base - APO 96310
Camp Pak Chong
Pattaya Beach - R and R Facility
Phu Mu Signal Site - APO 96310
Takhli Air Base - APO 96273
Ubon Air Base - APO 96304
Udorn Air Base - APO 96237
Utapao Naval Air Force Base
Camp Charn Sinthope
Camp Cloudy - Sakol Nakhon
Camp Essayons
Camp Friendship - APO 96233
Camp Khon Kaen
Camp Kanchanaburi - APO 96229
Camp Ku Su Mon
Camp Mukdahan
Camp Nam Phong USMC Air Station (Rose Garden)
Camp Ramasun Station - APO 96386
Camp Surin
Camp Raum Chit Chai
Camp Roi Et
Camp Samae San - APO 96232
Camp Srimahapoe
Camp Ratchaburi
Camp Vayama
Chiang Mai
Warin Radio Site
USCG LORAN Station - Bangkok
USCG LORAN Station - Lampang
USCG LORAN Station - Sattahip
USCG LORAN Station -Udorn
Sri Racha - Microwave Relay Site
Sattahip - Microwave Relay Site
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Christopher J Milgo
Camp Friendship/Phu Mu site 65-67

   Several weeks ago I spoke to you about my husband. He was Stationed at Camp Friendship. (APO 96233) and at Phu-mu along with several other places.
You had his name posted on the website, for me so that if there was anyone who new him, you could forward the information to me.
I have also been to the Phu Mu site and saw the photos's. I had asked if you had any older photos from the mid 60's, You were awaiting  they're arrival. Wondering if you have recieved them?
My husband is very ill with PTSD, diabetes, memory loss etc. You placed his name on the web site in hopes others may recongnize the name and respond.
Since then his named has been removed. Would there be some reason for having removed his name? I have been forced to put bits and pieces of his military history together with the help of those like yourself as Chris isn't capable without suffering severe flash
The stress factor here, as well as in my husband's mind is an awful situation for both of us to deal with. I was hoping if nothing else that someone would recognize his name and contact you or me. My husband can't remember or won't tell me alot of things that happened when he was in the service.
I knew him prior to is service in Vietnam but had no contact at all with him until years after he came home. I have been tring to prove his service in Vietnam and Thailand and the problem I am having is
when I think I have found a person who is willing to help, by posting his name or sending me photos. He's gone. So is hope.

Ginny Milgo

Christopher J Milgo, 1965-1967

From: The Site Webmaster,

Hope is still near! Christopher's name has been entered under the Camp Friendship page. With the help of many of our Thailand Veterans, we will try to assist with information that may be helpful concerning Christoper's assignments while in Thailand during the Vietnam war. I will ask for assistance from some of our Camp Friendship and Phu Mu Veterans.

Thank you Ginny Milgo and we wish you the best!

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